Monday, May 10, 2010

Violence in Acuna

Acuña is now caught in the middle of a drug war that involves multiple cartels and the Mexican Military. We are able to pay the bills at every shelter and program we support through the banks without traveling into Acuña. However, there are still little kids and parents waiting to see me about getting treatment for their children. Some of these children have cancer. Others need surgery. Many need bus tickets to the big hospitals in Monterrey and those must be purchased.

My presence in the colonias continues to give the people hope. I am their friend. They need to see me on the street and at the hospital. I will not travel after dark and will not remain in Acuña overnight. I know where the military installation is at and can easily avoid driving near that facility. There is no reason for any cartel to have an interest in the colonias where I will travel. I know many of the places where drugs are sold and where people connected with drugs reside. Naturally, I will avoid these places.

More than ever, there will be needs among the poor. Church groups and charities from the U.S. will cease their activities. The people they were helping will now need our help. We need to get the word out to everyone we know to provide support.
At the end of the day, the children still need to eat. They still need medicine. The children in the shelters need someone to help pay the bills or the power gets turned off and the food and water can't be purchased. The shelters we normally support are fine. I am writing about the other shelters that depended on visiting groups from America for help. They are going to need our help.

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  1. Bob-

    How is the violence now? The church my daughter attends is looking at Acuna for a 2011 summer 8th Grade mission trip. I am reluctant to send my daughter after doing some internet research. I believe in the Lord's provision and in the power of prayer, but I also believe some risks are too great.

    Thank you.