Sunday, June 12, 2011

Border Violence

Recently over a ton of drugs was seized at the Del Rio/Acuna checkpoint. Recently a counterfeit Border Patrol Vehicle, painted to look exactly like an official Border Patrol van, was followed after it entered Del Rio and the driver was arrested. The vehicle contained uniforms, guns and drugs.

Both of these incidents suggest that drug activity in Acuña is increasing. The level of sophistication in duplicating a U.S. Government van suggests big money and cartel involvement.

There have been no reports or evidence of violence in Acuña for over a year. A few mission groups have recently been seen in Acuña, but it is difficult to gauge real safety issues.

This week I will meet with a large group of families that live in the colonias and I will spend a day walking the streets to get a better feel for the safety issues as it pertains to mission groups.